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Lawn & boundary care

Turfing & re-seeding

Two essential components of a pleasing new lawn is site preparation and turf selection. We can quickly prepare a site to the highest standard and then supply a range of options depending on the use to which the lawn is to be put; whether recreational or show lawn, whether high or low maintenance.
Sometimes, a lawn just needs a small amount of the right sort of work to get it back to its best.
Re-seeding in the right way, revitalises a tired and over used lawn and re-establishes its place at the centre of your outdoor activities.

Grass cutting

A range of grass cutting services are available on request, just tell us your needs and we’ll tell how we can help

Lawn treatments

Seasonal treatment of lawns is essential to the healthy development, appearance and ease of care.
We can provide a bespoke service based on seasonal visits or your individual need or budget. This flexible approach ensures that you get the most from your lawn with the minimum of work or expense.


There is no point in having a superbly kept lawn to have its appearance spoilt by untidy borders, paths and driveways.
We have all the equipment needed to quickly and efficiently restore these areas to a pristine state which will enhance the overall appearance of your garden leaving the area tidy and much improved.

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