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Consultancy/Planning Applications

Turner Land Care are pleased to offer consultancy and Tree planning application support.
Using our direct planning portal to the local council we are able to apply for tree surgery to be carried out on tree's that have tree preservation orders, have a high amenity value and are in areas of outstanding natural beauty or special scientific interest areas. Using our knowledge, expertise and strong links with the Tree planning officers we are able to get prompt sensible decisions, that not only promote the health of the tree but also prioritise safety. We are not in the business of taking down trees unnecessarily so will always work towards the least invasive option, if the only option is to fell the tree, as responsible tree surgeons we will always look to replant.

If a client then instructs Turner Land Care to complete the surgery on the applied for tree then 50% of the planning application fee is refunded, offering value for money and a consistent approach.

Our consultant and director Richard Turner is happy to offer his 30 year experience as a Tree surgeon to offer guidance and advice on all aspects of tree related work and land management. So if you need a tree health report for your insurance company or to offer reassurance to neighboring land owners, utility companies etc we can do so professionally and economically.




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